Frequent Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

A.: Yes. We offer a speedboat transfer to Ukulhas Island twice daily. For details, see item 2.
A.: We offer a speedboat transfer to Ukulhas Island every day at 10:20 a.m. and at 4:00 p.m. Just let us know what time you will arrive at the Maldives Airport, we will support you in finding the best transfer option. You can pay the speedboat fare at the hotel upon your arrival, or have it added to your guesthouse bill. The price is USD 50 per person per trip. When leaving, you can take the speedboat transfer either at 7: 00 a.m. in the morning, or at 1 p.m. in the afternoon.
A.: That depends on the time of your arrival. On Fridays, we offer a transfer to Ukulhas Island only in the morning. If you arrive at the airport before 10:00 a.m., you can travel to Ukulhas Island on the same day taking the scheduled speedboat. Else, you have the option hiring a private speedboat.
A.: No. Ukulhas Island is not a resort, it is a local island.
A.: We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard/Maestro and American Express Cards and other major types of cards.
A.: Yes. We charge an additional 3.5% of the invoice amount for bank charges if the payment is done by credit card. The way of payment is at our guest’s discretion. To avoid bank charges, you may as well pay cash.
A.: USD is the most commonly accepted foreign currency on Ukulhas Island. Some shops also accept and exchange Euro.
A.: We offer all Deluxe Rooms in 3 types:

a) Deluxe King - Spacious room, separate entrance, king-size extra-large bed, window with garden view, sofa or chair or extra bed.
b) Deluxe Suite - Separate entrance, king-size extra-large bed, window with garden view.
c) Deluxe Standard – King-size extra-large bed, window with garden view.
A.: We offer a variety bunch of activities, and organize scuba diving too. In the following, there is a list with standard prices.

Manta Ray Safari or Snorkeling Safari 1 person 110
2 people 65/person
3 people 55/person
more than 4, 50 per person

Sand Bank Trip / Picnic Island Trip or Dolpin Cruise
1 person 140
2 people 90/person
3 people 75/person
more than 4, 70 per person

Morning Fishing / Evening Fishing or Night Fishing
1 person 90
2 people 70/person
3 people 60/person
more than 4, 55 per person

Whale Shark Trip
100 / person (min 6 person)
Whale Shark + Picnic Island Trip
150 / person (min 6 person)

Big Game Fishing (Max 6 person)
Full Day 700
Half Day 380
Half Day with Local 140

Sunset Dinner USD100 (with food for 2 people and decoration at beach)
Romantic Dinner USD80 (with food for 2 people and decoration at beach)

Other Activities include - Renewal of vows - Boduberu show - Live music (solo or group) - Maldivian dinner - Dinner in a Local house - Island hopping - Fushi trip - Day visit to Resort (price depends on package and transfer)

All prices are subject of negotiation if extended or combined. You do not necessarily need to make reservation for the excursions. Just inform us at least 1 day prior to the excursion of your choice, so we can take care of the preparations. However, for us to be able to maximize your excursion pleasure, we would definitely appreciate you planning all of your excursions in advance.

You can also enjoy unlimited free Snorkeling at Ukulhas house reef, and we provide sun umbrella and beach chairs for you to spend good time at beach too. Snorkeling gears are also provided. The price can go down depending on the number of activities taken.
A.: Yes. We are happy to arrange a resort visit for you either as a day trip or an overnight stay. Just hand over your request to us, and we forward your request to the resort. In general, we address resorts nearby Ukulhas.
A.: A meal is about USD 18 for 2 people. This may vary a bit, depending on the food that is served.
A.: Yes, scuba diving is available in the island from the Dive Centre.
A.: We have a large tourist beach area in Ukulhas Island where bikinis are allowed.