The Sand Banks close by Ukulhas are one of the must to try while spending a Holiday at her in Ukulhas. Guests can enjoy Swimming, Snorkeling and Sunbathing. Swimming in the Clear Turquoise water at a Sand Bank can never be forgotten once experienced here at SeaLaVie Inn.


Getting Drunk can only never be a problem but only if it’s with a Manta. A trip to the Manta Ray Point near Ukulhas Island can never be missed to regret while spending a Holiday here at SeaLaVie Inn.


Guests have the opportunity to do Snorkeling at Locations near by Ukulhas, besides doing their own snorkeling at the Reef around Ukulhas. House Reef sometimes is enough to witness hundreds if not thousands of different species of Fishes and Corals in an instant. A small Trip of Snorkeling would add spice to your Snorkeling, while it makes the Holiday into gear.


The reefs surrounding Ukulhas is well known for the varieties of fishes and corals found there. However, a Trip to the Garden below your feet, would sometimes only allow see the real beauty, be enjoyed once you relax there with Oxygen bottle. And the good news is that none of you have to be a professional diver to enjoy this euphoric experience.


Fishing is a very popular activity amongst the guests and local Maldivians themselves too. Ukulhas is well known for Maldives for its Famousness in Fishing. Night Fishing is most common; however, Tourists can enjoy fishing Trips throughout the day.


For Honeymooners or Couples, we try to pay a special attention, so that the beginning of their married life is as beautiful and as memorable as they could have ever imagined. Dinner of the Choice can be set up at the Beach at Sunset, that would sometimes last till late night.